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30th July 2015 - The Final (ish) Update


The topspurs editorial began back in September 2000, the day of Rebrovís first goals for Spurs, so long ago that it pre-dated the word blog and has had a pretty good run over the next fifteen years, esp in the early, glory days of topspurs.


However, time and especially technology has moved on and without a Spurs related update for more than half the season, which also included a cup final, its sadly time to formally draw things to a close.


The majority of my Spurs output now comes via the occasional comment on facebook or tweet @topspurs and Iíll hook up live threads to this page in time, and also put a link to the archives for some retro fun. This will also apply to the columnists, who have been fantastic over the years and Iíd like to thank them all, but who have similarly dwindled in number and output and will now be condensed (along with any output I have) into the guest column.


TOPSPURS will continue, as originally intended before the writing side took off, as a site for Spurs stats and numbers


Its been a lot of fun and Iíd like to thank all the readers over the years for logging on and hope it has been enjoyable and entertaining.


Up the Spurs!




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