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Most celebrities use football as a means to enhance their image, but a few celebrity Spurs fans deserve a mention for either going to the games and or being top celebs anyway (and/or both)


Neil Pearson - star of Drop the Dead Donkey and other stuff - sits on the lower Shelf and travels away with Spurs and has done for many years even through the dark days and deserves his position at the top of the tree
Danny Kelly (TV & Radio Presenter & owner of Football365) - Real Tottenham man and sometime reader of TOPSPURS
Norman Jay OBE (DJ & Shelfside regular)
Charles Hodges & David Peacock (Rockney Musicians) Chas n Dave need no introduction after being associated with the club since 1981 when they got to No 5 in the charts with Ossies Dream (a song still sung on the terraces today). Also recorded Tottenham Tottenham in 1982, Hot Shot Tottenham in 1987 and both the banned "Victory Song" and "its lucky for Spurs when the year ends in one" in 1991. A Chas n Dave concert is always a Tottenham affair and they are Tottenham through and through with Spurs references in many of their songs
Peter Cook RIP (Comedian extraordinaire & Tottenham through and through)
Simon Mayo (DJ - Was the first person to play the Victory Song on the Radio 1, and his THFC credentials far outweigh the sometimes sadness of his day job which he cannot help being a DJ)
Roger Lloyd Pack RIP (Trigger)

Matthew Horne (actor comedian, Paxton ST holder)

Henry Kelly (Slick game show Host and TV and Radio presenter) - used to do the half time draws at matches in the 1980's
Warren Mitchell RIP (Actor) - White Hart Lane regular for years, despite playing a West Ham fan on TV for much of his life

Charlie Whelan (Former righthandman to the useless Gordon Brown) - Has strong Spurs credentials and earned his place at the top table by citing Pratt's 30 yarder at Notts County in 1978 as his favourite Spurs goal in a recent programme

Celebrity SPURS FANS

Ted Riley (top young Actor)

Lush (early 1990's band)
Peter ‘Foppa’ Forsburg (Swedish Ice Hockey legend)
Becky Anderson (Thinking mans crumpet, CNN presenter)

David Aaronovitch (Times journo) http://timesonline.typepad.com/david_aaronovitch/sports/index.html
Derek Ridgers (Cult Photographer: The man who photographed Britain's youth tribes)

Dave Barbarossa - drummer with The Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Beats International, Adamski, Republica and Chicane amongst Phil Cornwell (Stella St Comedian)
Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru's most famous writer)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombia's most famous writer)
Ben Stokes (Cricket Legend)
Steven Severin (bass player with Siouxsie & the Banshees)
Ian Rankin (Author)
Ride (early 1990's band)
Stephen Mangan (Actor)

Jo Nesbo – (legendary author)

Simon Raymonde – (Cocteau Twins and the Lillies)
Adele – (Tottenham born singing sensation)
Hunter Davies (Thinking man's Sport Journalist)
Richie Benaud (Cricket Legend)
Patsy Kensit (Actress & former Mrs Gallagher)
Richard Littlejohn (Media Person) Proper Spurs in his own unreconstructed way
Bob England (Owner of the Rockney label and Chas n Dave manager)
Mike Gatting (Cricketing legend and fellow Mill Hill Village and Colindale old boy)
The Prime Minister of Sweden (politician chap) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CS1gSiGWoAAauGs.jpg

Claire Tomlinson (Lady Broadcaster)

Peter Jackson (Midlands Boxing Champion)
Egil Drillo Olsen (Legendary Football manager and Marxist)
Barry Davies (Legendary sports commentator)
Lovely Miki from Lush (Shoegaze Crumpet)
Jonathan Trott (Ashes winning cricketer)
Willie Morgan (
"Hello this is Willie Morgan, and welcome to White Hart Lane - the world-famous home of the Spurs")

Colin Buchanan (Dull Actor)
Salman Rushdie (Author)
Captain Mark Phillips (Royalty)

Ray Liotta (Goodfella's actor)
Linda Lusardi (1980's Dolly Bird)
The other Dean Martin (Capital Gold DJ)
Tim Ambrose (England wicketkeeper)
Charlotte Green (Radio Legend)
Tony Butler (Big Country Bass player)
Jah Wobble (Musician)

Klaxons (Indie Band)

Adam Richman - Man Vs Food TV show

Jon Morter - Campaigner

Rabbi Crackers (TV commentator, raconteur and agent to the stars)
Jarrett Bellini (Writer and traveller).
The King of Norway
(Scandinavian Royalty)

Peter Purves (former Blue Peter presenter)
Dave Clark (The Dave Clark Five - A Spurs regular in the 1960's and a local lad)
Mark Alleyne (Quality Cricketer)
Natasha (80's pop sensation - owned a parrot called Terry Naylor)
Anthony Worrell Thompson (Funny looking TV cook)
Rachel Stevens (Singer and good sort)
Andrew Ridgeley (The talented one from Wham, racing driver and playboy)
Leslie Phillips (60's legend)
Bruce Foxton (Bassist with the Jam)
Paul Whitehouse (Comedian, the talented one in the Fast Show & gave Harry Enfield all his best ideas)
Julie Harris (Singer with Tight Fit)
Paul Merton (South London Comedian)
Allan Shutt (former pro-golfer & winner of the Isle of Man Open (& former landlord of the best pub in the Yorkshire dales)

Jude Law (Actor & favourite of Joe Thornton)

Stelios Haji-Ioannou (EasyJet bloke)
Jeff Beck (guitarist - He appeared on TOTP in the week before THFC's Cup Final with Chelsea in 1967 to performthe School Disco Classic Hi Ho Silver Lining and shouted "Up the Spurs" during his guitar solo - a quality effort - with thanks to John Gillam)
Shaznay Lewis (The talented one in All Saints)
Jerry Springer (Former Mayor of Cincinnati and reality TV show host)
Paolo Hewitt (Journo and Biographer)
Steve Nash (Basketball player, who is miles better than Henry's mate)
Emma (Baby Spice) Bunton (Singer)
Brandon Block (DJ)
MC B LIVE U. K Garage M
Faction G U.K Garage MC
Darren Day (So called Entertainer)
Sid Owen (Ricky from EastEnders)
Ian Thorpe (Aussie Swimmer)
Brian Walden (TV presenter and Journalist)
Barry Norman (Film person & WHL regular in the 1980's)
Russ Williams (TV Presenter)
Rikki Clarke (Cricketer)
Paul Young (1980's Crooner)

Marina Sirtis (actress)
Sam Warburton (egg chaser)
Kenneth Branagh (Actor & luvvie)
Anthony Andrews (Posh Actor)
Michael Brunson (Grumpy News Man)
Jimmy Jones (Cockney Comedian and East Stand season ticket holder)
Jo Whiley (Dull DJ, TV Presenter)
Wiley (Rap chap, and not to be confused with above dull DJ)
David & Robbie Jaymes (Modern Romance)
Rachel de Thame (posh totty gardening presenter)
Luke Donald (Golfer)

David Hepworth (Smash Hits and Old Grey Whistle Test)
Jerry Stevens (80's TV star)
David John (80's actor)
Andrew Osagie (Runner)
Lennie James (Actor)
Paul Hawksby (Talksport Bloke)

William Shatner (complete original)

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its a scoreline Jim, but not as we know it


Bid (lead singer of Monochrome Set)
Ned Temko (Observer journo)
Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy drummer)

Bobby Davro (Comedian)

Jonny Buckland (guitarist for dreary Coldplay)
Iain Duncan Smith (Tory Ideas man)
Zac Efron (actor chappie)
Michael Fish (Sad TV Weatherman)
Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt (Status Quo)
Bruce Forsyth (Game show bloke and sometimes a gooner)

Greg Jenner (BBC chap)

Michael McIntyre (Estate agent looking smarmy comedian of sorts)

And finally Trevor MacDonald (Newsreader)


Deceased Celebrity SPURS FANS

Peter Cook (Comedian extraordinaire & Tottenham through and through)
Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger)

Warren Mitchell (Actor) - White Hart Lane regular for years, despite playing a West Ham fan on TV for much of his life

Derek Jamieson ("Do they mean us" TV Bloke & 1980's WHL regular)
Chris Acland (Drummer in Lush/Lillies)
Bob Marley (Reggae legend)
A. J. Ayer (Philosopher & fellow Leeds University graduate)
Gary Olsen (Actor) - used to get Spurs references into his crappy sitcom.

David Nobbs (creator of Reggie Perrin etc)
Bernie Winters (Comedian)
Schnorbitz (Comedian's dog)
Bennie from Grange Hill (Actor)

Hans Keller (Music man)

Frankie Vaughn (Entertainer)
Frank Doel (manager of Marks & Co at 84 Charing Cross Road. Immortalized in the book by Helene Hanff which was subsequently a BBC Play and then a feature film starring Anthony Hopkins)
Bernard Bresslaw (Carry On Star)