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An Alternative To Football Betting


As Project Restart is set forward by the Premier League in an effort to get games underway with a tentative date of June 12th, hopes that further lockdown measures aren’t put in place to cause more delays - or even a cancellation of the season completely. As we continue to see further postponements or cancellations, it seems betting in football and traditional sports may be a little ways off yet, but there are plenty of alternatives to betting fans looking for a way to pass time whilst still in lockdown.


Many have been turning to online casino alternatives - operators have been popping up in countries such as Malta and Gibraltar where gaming laws are more relaxed and consumer focussed as an initiative within the UK called Gamstop aims to help reduce problem gamblers, many casinos not registered with gamstop are available however and have been serving as a great alternative to betting.


For those uninterested in online casinos, there are still plenty of ongoing options for betting - online gaming, also known as esports, has found its footing to perform extremely well, continuing the strong growth it had been seeing prior to the postponement and cancellation of other sports. As the games take place online and don’t require for teams to come together in a physical location to play, many games have gone relatively unaffected and online games have continued without delay and betting here has been performing extremely well as those who would usually bet on other sports are finding a new passion. 



There may be some good news around the corner, however, as others in Europe are starting to ease lockdown measures following a reduction in new COVID-19 cases. Spanish football is looking to be the first to get underway once again - mass testing has been confirmed for players within La Liga with permission to get training underway again shortly has been granted, this brings the possibility that Spanish football could be the first to have its season get underway again. The Bundesliga in Germany is also gearing up for a restart - initially set to have training get started a week ago, some delays had caused a small pushback but we’re seeing some teams having tested negative, permission has been granted to start training whilst adhering to social distancing measures. Italy had previously been the hardest hit country in Europe and was the first to enforce strict lockdown measures, but as this eases the football season is now also tentatively preparing for a restart too - the Serie A teams are now preparing for a return to training, but the sports minister has since said that a restart to the league is still far to early. Once these games do get underway, they will continue to be played within ‘ghost’ stadiums as fans will be unable to attend any games for the foreseeable future, but if online casinos and alternative sports betting haven’t been of interest, we could see a return to regularly scheduled league games in the near future - but it is important to keep in mind that these restarts are extremely tentative, there is a risk that a second outbreak could cause lockdowns to be reinstated, causing additional postponements and likely entire cancellations.












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