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Harry Kane’s crazy value in the football market


In today's football market prices are insane, totally over the top, fans have to wonder if the transfer madness will ever end. At the end, it is up to the teams, because they are the ones who pay, but there is no parity at all budget-wise, so this price bubble can only be inflated by the rich teams, while the others are kept looking from the outside, that is the harsh reality.


With all this in mind, Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham team officials have determined that Harry Kane, their superstar striker and face of the team is worth 227 million euros, a price tag that was assigned after having impressive campaigns as the league’s top scorer.


So there you have it Real Madrid’s, Barcelona’s, and Paris Saint Germain’s of the world, if you want Kane that is the fee that you have to pay, and considering the money that was passed around last summer, Kane me even be a bargain at that price because he is coming off his best season to date, with amazing numbers. The best of all this is that we can win money with Kane’s scoring ability, place a bet in instantsportsmoney.com and reap the benefits. 


Tottenham’s star forward scored 35 goals in only 38 games, those are jaw-dropping numbers, just crazy. And the seasons before were already impressive on their own. In 2014-2015 Kane scored 31 goals in 51 games, and in 2015-2016 he scored 28 in 50. It is no wonder why they put the hefty price tag, so high that even the world's richest teams have not even tried to bid for the English finisher. 


In British currency, Kane is worth 200 million pounds, about 227 million euros, more than the two officially the most expensive signings in history together: Pogba (105 million to Manchester United from Juventus) and Bale (101 million to Tottenham to Real Madrid). This has to give you a better idea of Kane’s worth to Tottenham and to the world of football.


Of all the teams that are interested in Kane’s lethal services, Manchester United was one of the most insistent in getting the young striker in their lineup. The Special One’s team was looking for a center forward and Kane would fit the bill, but the price tag was too high, so they opted to pursue and sign RomeluLukaku away from Everton, and that has worked out well for the moment. Alvaro Morata was also another great option for the Red Devils, but he was dealt to Chelsea for an elevated transfer fee.


To no one’s surprise, Tottenham Hotspur player Harry Kane is considered one of the best strikers in the world, week after week he punishes opposing defenses and scores almost at will, braces, and hat-tricks are just a day's work for the English man. Kane knows that he is playing in the box as good as anyone in the world, he has no shame in calling it like it is when talking with the press, with statements in the line of: "If you look at my stats and my goals, I'm up there. If you want, you can post 'I'm one of the best in the world' and I'm more than happy about it”.


At this stage of his career, after all the personal glory, it should be nice for Kane to win something with the club and not just scoring titles. That is the new goal, to finally win a Premier League title with the Spurs, they have so close in the past seasons, but the results just didn’t add up in the end. As for the goal scoring table, his rivals will be Alexis Sánchez, who still (and sadly for him) still plays in Arsenal; and RomeluLukaku, who like we said before, made the switch to Manchester United.


Injuries have hit Kane in the past seasons, but he has been capable of coming back stronger after each one. He’s had some trouble with ankle injuries, but they seem to be in the past for now. The 2017-2018 has seen Kane on the top of his game, he has scored six goals in seven games and Tottenham is once again expected to be a challenger for the Premier League trophy. It seems like a long shot, but the Spurs are also playing Champions League football, and with the bigger clubs in notable slumps, it could be the year when the other clubs finally have the chance to be continental champions.


Mauricio Pochettino, the team’s tactical mastermind has declared to the media that he is "in love" with Harry Kane after his astonishing displays in the box, we are sure that the South American manager is not alone in that department, the fans of the Lilywhites are happy with a striker like Kane in their team.





























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