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Some Premier League Fans Being Priced Out of Shirt Purchases

Premier League fans are a passionate bunch and will support their club through thick and thin but their allegiances are being truly tested by the rising cost of replica kits. According to a recent study by Betting.net, fewer top-flight fans are flocking to purchase their club's latest strip and the major reason is cost.

It's been a frustrating summer for Spurs fans who have watched their club fail to make any additions to their squad despite being linked with a number of players. This has been cited as one of the major reasons that none of the Spurs fans who took part in the survey have yet to purchase this season's kit. It isn't just Spurs fans who are shunning their clubs colours this year, with just 12.5% of Liverpool fans having splashed the cash despite a raft of new signings.

Outside of the top six, 81.28% admitted they were frustrated by the cost of their clubís latest shirt and they wouldn't be tempted to make a purchase this campaign.

Spurs' kit is amongst the priciest in the Premier League, with the lowest cost kit retailing at around £65. The majority of supporters who took part in the survey agreed that the price has escalated beyond their budget, with 33% of top-flight fans only willing to pay up to £40 for their club's latest release. 40.85% of supporters who took part in the survey admitted that they would only be willing to pay up to £30 although barring a club shop sale, they are unlikely to get their wish. Just 4.23% of Premier League fans would be willing to break the £50 barrier this season.

The current financial climate means that the majority of fans can no longer justify purchasing their club's kit each and every season and the majority will make do with last season's strip. Whilst it's not particularly good news for clubs, around 45% of fans did not cite price as the major reason for not purchasing the kit. Whilst 85.71% of those who do purchase the kit tend to do so when it's full price.

Premier League clubs will always sell kits but they have to be careful not to price the majority of fans out of the game. Many supporters who took part in our survey passionately support their club but their financial situation does not allow them to purchase the brand new kit upon release. There are a number of reasons for Spurs fans abstaining from purchasing this season but the rising cost is generally regarded as the primary factor.































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